Aja Miyamoto


Aja Miyamoto

Columbus-Based Writer & Multimedia Consultant

I am a general-interest, human-interest feature writer. As creative, my role in projects involves many different hats, but you can generally find me crafting personalized websites, sharing fascinating life stories, or editing multimedia content such as photos and videos.

I began my entrepreneurial journey with being raised in my mother’s small business. As a passion project, I started my company, Opanova to assist small businesses and independents use technology  to develop and grow their own personal brand. 

I attend The Ohio State University where I study Journalism and Political Science. In my spare time I enjoy doing yoga, cooking and learning about the Columbus food scene.


The Lantern – April 23 2019

Nine student teams pitched startup ideas for a $1000 cash prize and bragging rights.

The Lantern – April 17 2019

Kalyn French combines her love of music & video production to promote local artists.

The Lantern – April 1 2019

Horns, unsure of what he wanted to be when he grew up, now does science writing by day and plays rock shows by night. 

The Lantern – March 18 2019

Ohio State received a $17 million contribution from Alumnus Tim Keenan to expand upon entrepreneurship initiatives.

The Lantern – April 23 2019

Jim Ellison educates the city on the quickly expanding Columbus Brewery scene. 

The Lantern – March 25 2019

Who said you couldn’t sell alcohol to support students? 

The Lantern – March 4 2019

Ohio State food science student creates a yummy peanut butter alternative. 

The Lantern – Feb 25 2019

Paul Oyefesobi created a solution to a leading cause of  high pharmacy costs with a comprehensive pharmaceutical drug database. 

The Lantern – Feb 19 2019

3 freshman dudes start a storage space company like Airbnb, but for stuff. 

The Lantern – Jan 14 2019

Krysten started her own customizable jewelry company in 2013 and founded a women based social club in the Short North.

The Chimes – March 4 2019

Jamie Tworkowski visits campus to share the story behind the viral non-profit movement.

The Chimes – Oct 8 2015

Rare squirrel loved by many students is indeed white in  color, but not albino.

The Chimes – Oct 8 2015

Take a break from the screens. It’s worth it.

Hello Giggles – May 20 2015

My high school was an accepting environment for all, unlike the real world.

Website design & development

Brewery District boutique litigation firm site development, design and branding. 

Short North jeweler custom site development, design, product display and branding.

Completely custom website design and development for Aja’s hardest client- herself. 

German Village litigation firm simplistic web and logo design.


Stunning food, drink and restaurant photography for a local gem.

Elder & estate planning law firm branding refresh & graphic design.

Logo concept and design for a local bankruptcy law firm.

From a concept to implementation a personalized logo and graphic design. 

Updating a Columbus committee’s logo.

Winkler Legal, LLC

Elder & estate planning law firm graphic video animation.